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Who is Black Girl Think Tank?

A think-tank is a group of experts who are gathered together, to consider various problems and try and work out ways to solve them

Black Girl Think Tank is an inclusive community to support Black and Brown women entrepreneurs.


Our Mission Is to Elevate.

Our Mission:

Black Girl Think Tank is building an inclusive community and upcoming co-working space to support women-owned businesses, start-ups, and professionals in underrepresented communities.

Our Vision: 

Through our service offerings, we will provide a dynamic environment with the small business community in mind to allow for more sustainable ecosystems for entrepreneurs.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We boldly shatter glass ceilings within the Central Texas community by pioneering the first Black woman-owned co-working space in Austin, Texas. Our focus is unwavering—we are committed to uplifting Black and Brown women professionals and business owners, championing their success.

Conscious Collaboration

The essence of Black Girl Think Tank lies in conscious collaboration. We pride ourselves on being connectors within our community, actively seeking and forming partnerships with organizations that align seamlessly with our mission. Through intentional collaboration, we amplify the collective strength of Black and Brown women.


At Black Girl Think Tank, we redefine the landscape of work for Black and Brown women in America. We challenge and transform the norms of co-working, ushering in a new era that embraces the diverse experiences and contributions of Black and Brown women. Our commitment to innovation is reshaping the narrative of co-working spaces.


Central to our mission is the sustainability of Black and Brown-owned businesses. We strive to equip them with the essential resources needed not only to sustain but also to thrive and grow. By fostering a sustainable ecosystem, we contribute to the long-term success of Black and Brown entrepreneurs and the communities they impact.

Our Past Partners

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